Our Process

From Process To Completion, We Do It All!

From Permit to Completion, We Do It All!

Our services include: designs, elevations, cabinet and countertop sales and installation, electrical, plumbing, tile work and general carpentry. In short, we help you manage your project from permits to completion with a family member overseeing each element.
Our process is to offer you a free in-home consultation. After the initial visit, we will give you a free kitchen floor plan and cost estimate. A second visit which includes kitchen elevations will require a deposit.

So, How Do We Get Started?

Phase 1

In-Home Consultation

Our professional design services are free with no obligation to buy cabinets. We’ll take you step by step through the whole planning process!

Phase 2

Custom Layout & Plan

Our collaborative kitchen planning process transforms your vision into an optimized layout that is functional and tailored to fit your unique needs.

Phase 3

Receive Your Itemized Quote

Finally, we deliver an itemized quote showing you the exact final cost for the proposed kitchen project, to be signed off and agreed upon.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Why choose custom cabinets rather than stock or semi custom cabinets?
A. Custom cabinets are carefully crafted to last a lifetime. The cabinet walls, back and frame are thicker and more substantial than stock or semi custom cabinets, virtually eliminating the tendency for shelves to sag or doors to misalign themselves over time. Custom cabinets also reduce the need for unsightly fillers. Most importantly, a custom cabinet can be completely personalized and designed to accommodate your tastes. Your requirements. Your aesthetics!
Q. Are custom cabinets always a lot more expensive than stock cabinets?
A. Not necessarily! If one stays within standard sizes, prices can be comparable – but with custom, you’ll have your dream kitchen, your way.
Q. What are the three major components that determine the cost of cabinets?
A. First, the size of the cabinet or box, as we call it. Second, the door and drawer style selection greatly affect the price. Third, the finish is a key cost component: Stained cabinets are at base price; painted cabinets are more expensive; glazed cabinets are the most expensive.